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CAM 13.2 Administrator

Learn about the primary application for configuring and managing CAM.

CAM 13.2 Certificate Manager

Learn about creating and exporting certificates so that you can use encrypted credentials on multiple CAM Administration Service machines.

CAM 13.2 External Connector

Learn about importing data collected by supported data sources for analysis and reporting purposes.

CAM 13.2 License Analytics

Learn about evaluating compliance for specific set of products within the context of contractually-defined product use rights.

CAM 13.2 Purchasing

Learn about recording and tracking purchasing information for software and hardware in your environment.

CAM 13.2 Quick Start

Learn about product requirements, and use the checklist for getting started with CAM.

CAM 13.2 Reporting

Learn about viewing, filtering, exporting, and printing data collected by CAM in a variety of reports.

CAM 13.2 Setup

Learn about installing CAM.

CSM 9.3.0 Administration

Learn about CSM installation and updgrade, securing your system, managing blueprints, and more.

CSM 9.3.0 Client Suite

Learn about the CSM Desktop Client, Browser Client, Customer Portal, Cherwell Mobile, and CSM Administrator.